iNumis - About us

The website was created in 1999 by Jérôme Mairat and Stéphan Sombart with the idea of sharing ‘through Internet, numerous old numismatic books free of copyrights and most of the time which can’t be found these days.

In 2004, many books like the famous « Cohen » or « Hoffmann » as well as unpublished articles or studies about for example the tokens and medals of the coronation, are now available online.

The website has been taken over in December 2004 by the company iNumis and represents from now on its official website. Dedicated to a new evolution, the site is now a business site and is moving towards e-business.

The shop is located at 46 rue Vivienne, in the center of Paris, between the stock exchange (palais Brogniart) and the Boulevards. The shop is only 50 meters away from the famous Museum Grévin (wax museum) and 200 meters from Hotel Drouot (auction house) close to the underground stations « Richelieu-Drouot » « Grands boulevards » and « Bourse ».

The opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday (annual closing between July and August).

We are offering coins for sale, free evaluation of your old coins, gold services as well as many books in order to enlarge your documentation.

iNumis is also offering a special service where you can give us our coins and old books for sale.

At your next visit you will be welcomed by Loïc de Kérangué, our gold specialist ; Stéphan Sombart or Renaud Desse, both numismatists.



Master degree in modern history
Writer of Franciae IV and many studies on numismatics

Renaud DESSE


Monica MELE